Welcome to the Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm Institute

Discover the essence of sustainable farming through the heart of Hawaii. At the Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm Institute, we bring the richness of organic farming techniques to you, forged through hands-on experience and time-tested practices.

Our Mission

In a rapidly changing world, we strive to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to establish resilient and sustainable farms or communities. As proponents of green living, we believe in fostering harmony with nature, and in the incredible power of self-sustainability.

About Us

Nestled in Hawaii's serene landscape, the Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Farm (HVO Farm) stands as a testament to self-sufficiency. We operate an off-grid establishment, drawing energy from the sun, and nurturing a diverse range of crops through innovative methods such as hydroponics, hybrid raised beds, and market gardens. Our approach is scalable, ensuring that we remain adaptable and ever-ready to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Food is a cornerstone of civilization, and at HVO Farm, we prioritize its production. In recognizing the potential challenges in sourcing fertilizers, we've turned to Mother Nature for answers. We harness the power of beneficial soil microorganisms, which create a symbiotic relationship with plants, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need. Using techniques like our in-house "Bokashi Inoculant," we've created a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes plant health and growth.

Sustainable Innovations

Our journey doesn't stop with crops. We've introduced bees for natural pollination, delved into the art of companion planting, and studied seed preservation from our gardens. Every step we take is geared towards understanding and enhancing nature's innate balance.

Join Our Community

To all aspiring learners, we extend an invitation. Join us, and dive deep into the world of sustainable farming. With us, you'll gain knowledge, plans, and the inspiration to recreate a harmonious coexistence with nature in your own communities. Together, let's sow the seeds for a greener future.